15.Apr.16QCBA Play Ziggy's in Enfiled

QCBA return with a gig at Ziggy's World-Jazz Club in Enfield, North London.
Playing music from their latest release "Beauty in Quiet Places" (Ubuntu Music) plus some brand new compositions.

Line up:

Quentin Collins- trumpet/flugelhorn
Brandon Allen- tenor/soprano sax
Jim Watson- organ
Enzo Zirilli- drums

For all details plus tickets check link below

26.Feb.16QCBA + Omar MBE back at Hideaway with special guest Georgia van Etten

QCBA + Omar MBE will be performing at Hideaway for a 2 night residency starting friday 26th and continuing saturday 27th February 2016.

Playing material from across Omar\'s career, all lovingly arranged by QCBA. Expect soul and jazz stylings.

Special guest appearance from soul-blues songstress Georgia van Etten also to add yet more flavour to proceedings.


Omar- vocals/keyboards
Quentin Collins- trumpet/flugelhorn/keyboards
Brandon Allen- Tenor & soprano sax
Jim Watson- Hammond organ
Enzo Zirilli- drums

+ Georgia van Etten- vocals

29.Sep.15Great review of the QCBA album "Beauty In Quiet Places" from Blues & Soul magazine.

From the moment opener 'Fuerteventura' slips into view you know you’re in for something magical,this track is hard to pin down exciting rhythms are chopped and changed like the gloriously serpetine head of the piece,QCBA hit the ground running on this fast latin swing beauty. As things develop it's hard to fathom who steals the show sometimes it's the organ which drives things along chordally and bottom end wise. At others, It's Allen's robust saxophone (check the splendid 'Modal Tranesition' ) with it's repeated and then augmented melodic figure proving incisive. But hang on wait a sec! What about Collins's virtuosic outpourings especially on this one too? Suffice to say they seem completely locked in, and yet fully able to express themselves,entirely for the benefit of this new recording, what you have is four masters in action and sync.They know full well about that all important metric of group cohesion,textbook exercises and how to put the music first and not step on each other's toes doing it.These guys grasp the value of employing a catchy melody as a jumping-off point for improvisational excursions,such as the gospel blues of 'Handshake',It's so damn infectious that it's almost impossible to resist. The sheer imagination and inventiveness on this cd reflects QCBA's immersion in all schools of proper music, but no matter what, they most certainly retain their imperious identity as jazz musicians. The rhythmic palette on this disc is rich, varied, and exciting and that has a lot to do with drummer,Enzo Zirilli's underpinning grooves,his backbeat sensibilities are always in the foreground driving such tunes as the unctuous sounding cracker 'Beauty In Quiet Places' a seamless driving mélange of jazz funk, that facilitates blowing melodic solos over his motoric rhythms, these cats get in between the cracks as they establish a springboard for hard/post bop voicings and phraseology which are especially attractive.
The two horn men never cross each other up, either when trading off on solos, or working ensemble passages, or playing call-and-response, they communicate at ease - eerily telepathic!
'Oscar's Lullaby' is the perfect vehicle for Collins's spry flugel playing epitomising his abundant lyricism and taste and 'Don't Behave' goes from hard funk to hard swing highlighting Allen's groove ridden compositions as well as his rock solid soloing thus proving he's one of the great instrumental melodists around and at this point, I have to bring in Ross Stanley on organ, a player so possessed,he sounds if he's just been let out of solitary confinement!His sharp incisive playing throughout glues this exceptional quartet well and truly together.He reminds me of the late great organist Melvin Rhyne,once Wes Montgomery's sideman and anchor..... This is a band that seems to have all the questions answered, all the relevant styles sewn up yet, despite it all, at their heart, they are a monumental free-form jazz explosion when they are let of the leash and on the lash!Don't get me wrong they offer restraint in the right dosage.Let's not forget these pieces are tightly composed (they share four a piece) with outstanding solos with sometimes, as I indicated beforehand, a thrilling loss of control never that far away. This can only be a good thing stretching out in exciting ways activating something literally head strong and ecstatic within this incredible band.Take a risk it won't be a big one. Check them out, I dare you.......

23.Sep.15Great review of the QCBA album release gig at Brilliant Corners on 22.9.15

We had a great night last tuesday at Brilliant Corners with QCBA. Emrys Baird of Blues & Soul magazine seems to agree:

\"Do you consider yourself hip,trendy and happening? Is there a lurking bohemian side to you?Then Dalston may be for just for you.I\'ts managed to shake off much of its socially-deprived past and has re-emerged as a buoyant place, where there is something for everyone and Brilliant Corners is one such destination. A fantastic and lively sushi restaurant/bar that knows good food is wholly complimented by good live music and tonight is no exception,the mix is just right..... Horn players Quentin Collins and Brandon Allen,two legendary london lounge lizards and associates of Ronnie Scotts, launched their stupendous new album \'Beauty In Quiet Places\' at this packed buzzing venue and were ready,like anxious athletes, to reel off their material,one by one,in glorious fashion. Opening with \'Don\'t Behave\' a belter that pretty much sets the benchmark for their imposing style,has great sounding organ,punchy drums and interesting heads which all consolidate to make this marvellous unit come out on top fighting and rather well! Trumpeter,Collins leaps into the first of many solos and his playing is utterly phenomenal - full of heart and soul and virtuosity - a highly refreshing tone indeed and a fantastic start to this special evening began to unfold. The gospel inspired \'Handshake\' is up next with the audience joining in on the clapping intro driven by the bluesiest of organ playing courtesy of Ross Stanley,who also happens to take care of the bass in true organ trio style.This guy is the glue for the hornmens\' flights of fancy and bedazzling flurries bolstered by the explosive Enzo Zirilli on drums.This is no jam band or pick up band it\'s a PROPER BAND well honed and totally on it, embellishing the intimacy of tonight\'s venue in a buoyant upbeat fashion.The crowd are being treated to something special and they know it. \'Peace of Silver\' is a captivating homage to the recently departed Horace Silver, a true giant in jazz and again,the boys knock it out of the park with some scintillating solo organ,stripped down to the bare essentials before the torrent of horn soloing kicks in.Allen\'s imperious tenor playing is a joy to behold long, flowing, sometimes asymmetrical melodies, in lifting and falling moods with a slow-burn rasping quality that results in long builds and a great intensity beneath the guy\'s effortless cool and measured presentation. Special guest of the evening is a man who needs no introduction the one and only Omar, which sees the band kick back into some down town funk on a track called \'High Heels\' allowing the singer to weave his unique magic and his lilting vocalese style fits perfectly on top of the bossa inspired \'Ordinary Day\' which followed next. \'Oscar\'s Lullaby\' allows Collins\' beautiful flugelhorn to shine.It had me reminiscing about the late great Kenny Wheeler,tender and lyrical proving a perfect match to his partner: mixing soft and hard light and shade,ying and yang if you like! I\'ts no wonder half of london\'s jazz musicians were in the audience these guys are musicians\' musicians.The music can be complex and heavy going but never dense or distant and always inviting and open and rarely have two horn players reflected the richness of jazz in the UK like these boys.Go and see them live and better still, pick up their new stonking cd and tell them I sent you,a top notch night, that\'s for sure, is well and truly guaranteed........\"

Cheers Emrys!

17.Sep.15QCBA release \"Beauty In Quiet Places\" on Ubuntu Music September 25th 2015

Quentin Collins (QC) and Brandon Allen (BA), the hardest hitting trumpet/sax frontline in the business, are ready for their next release, Beauty in Quiet Places, on the Ubuntu Music record label.
The follow up to their highly acclaimed debut album, What\'s It Gonna Be?, released in 2011, Beauty in Quiet Places consists of all original compositions, written by the pair, with styles ranging from the up-tempo swing of Modal Tranesition (Allen\'s homage to two of his biggest influences, John Coltrane and Joe Henderson) to the laid back pocket groove of the title track. The opening track, Fuerteventura, takes you on a samba-infused roller coaster ride whilst Oscar\'s Lullaby showcases the group\'s softer, more reflective side.
Completing the lineup on Beauty in Quiet Places are QCBA\'s regular rhythm team of the masterful Ross Stanley on Hammond organ and the elegant musicianship of Enzo Zirilli on drums.
Since their inception in 2008, QCBA have collaborated with a broad range of artists, including Omar,PalomaFaith,LianeCarroll, Hamish Stuart, Natalie Williams, Gwyneth Herbert, Dennis Rollins and Cleveland Watkiss. This has enabled them to develop the eclectic sound that is so evident in this recording, bringing together a melting pot of Jazz, Brazilian and Funk, always soulful and, crucially, always swinging!
Currently, QCBA are the front line for the Kyle Eastwood band, further allowing them to hone the strong sound of unity which they are renowned for on some of the jazz world\'s biggest stages.
QCBA will host a special show to celebrate the launch of Beauty in Quiet Places at Brilliant Corners in Dalston, London, on 22nd September. QCBA are planning to embark on a major tour during autumn and winter 2015-16 throughout the UK & Europe.
QCBA’s Beauty in Quiet Places is scheduled for release on 25th September and will be available in physical and digital formats throughout the world.
For Information Please Contact:
Martin Hummel (martin@weareubuntumusic.com / +44 7802 224 858) Quentin Collins (quentin@weareubuntumusic.com / +44 7990 537 115)

04.Sep.15QCBA + Omar MBE back at Hideaway

QCBA + Omar MBE will be performing at Hideaway for a 2 night residency starting friday 4th and continuing saturday 5th September 2015.

Playing material from across Omar's career, all lovingly arranged by QCBA. Expect soul and jazz stylings.

Special guest appearance from soul-blues songstress Georgia van Etten also to add yet more flavour to proceedings.


Omar- vocals/keyboards
Quentin Collins- trumpet/flugelhorn/keyboards
Brandon Allen- Tenor & soprano sax
Ross Stanley- Hammond organ
Enzo Zirilli- drums

+ Georgia van Etten- vocals

09.Mar.15Noemi Nuti Launches "Nice To Meet You" on Ubuntu

Today marks the physical release of Italian/American singer Noemi Nuti's debut album "Nice To Meet You", produced by Quentin and also featuring him.
This is also the debut release on new record label "Ubuntu Music" which has been co-founded by Quentin and Martin Hummel, CEO of Ubuntu Management group.
Available to buy on Noemi's website www.noeminuti.com as well as on Amazon and on all good digital platforms.

21.Mar.13QC/BA Quartet Featuring Omar MBE @ Pizza Express Jazz Club

The quartet's first London gig for sometime will feature some of our music, new and old + the legendary soul survivor Omar. We will perform some re-workings of his new material as well as the classics that one would expect!


Quentin Collins- trumpet
Brandon Allen- saxophone
Ross Stanley- organ
Enzo Zirilli- drums

Omar MBE- vocals/Nord Lead

to book tickets, follow the link below:


19.Oct.12Joe Cang next guest for QC/BA Quartet

We (the QC/BA Quartet!) are very much looking forward to having wonderful singer/songwriter Joe Cang guest on the long running residency 'The Late Set Session' at my favourite London venue the Hideaway in streatham. All gig details in 'gigs' section. Expect an eclectic mix of Joe's best known, new and old songs, including the million selling 'Shine'.

21.Sep.12Dennis Rollins next guest for QC/BA Quartet

We're very excited to have the ultra-funky trombone maestro Dennis Rollins guesting on our monthly 'Late Set Sessions' residency at the Hideaway in Streatham. For all details, follow the link. It's such a great venue and every gig we've done there has been very well received indeed!

21.Sep.12QC/BA Quartet gig at Scarborough Jazz Festival to be recorded by Radio 3!

Radio 3's long-standing programme 'Jazz Line-Up' will be recording our 75min set at the prestigious Scarborough Jazz Festival on September 28th (See gigs section for details). To be broadcast around the end of October (27th maybe!), one half at a time over 2 shows.

05.Mar.12QC/BA Quartet come to the Forge Camden this friday 9th March

So far, so good for the Spring Tour thus far which has seen us play in Southampton, Bristol, Cardiff, Poole, Stratford-Upon-Avon as well as London.

This friday we play at a fantastic venue in Camden, London. It's run by musicians for musicians so the sound and atmosphere are both great. You can eat really good Italian food too!!

Follow the above link to book tickets in advance. It's £10 in advance, £8 for students so really not too bad at all!!

Hope to see you there!

10.Feb.12The 'Quentin Collins/Brandon Allen Quartet' spring tour is almost upon us. All the dates are in the gigs section, starting with the Hideaway next friday 17th February. Special guest with the quartet will be the legendary Hamish Stuart of Average White Band fame. We'll be doing the usual quartet set followed by a set of Hamish's songs, old and new, plus some carefully chosen cover tunes.

All the dates are in the gigs section, starting with the Hideaway next friday 17th February. Special guest with the quartet will be the legendary Hamish Stuart of Average White Band fame. We'll be doing the usual quartet set followed by a set of Hamish's songs, old and new, plus some carefully chosen cover tunes.

04.Aug.11Debut Pizza Express gig for the Quartet fast approaching..

The Quentin Collins/Brandon Allen Quartet are performing at the prestigous Central London Venue Pizza Express on Dean Street in Soho on the 24th August. Promoting the new album 'What's It Gonna Be?' which has garnered some great reviews (see reviews section). This is a venue that all four members have played individually on countless occasions but will be their 1st as a group.

Click 'launch related site' below to book a table.

04.Aug.11'What's It Gonna Be?' available on the Sunlightsquare website

'What's It Gonna Be?', the recently released and critically acclaimed album from 'The Quentin Collins/Brandon Allen Quartet' is now available from the record label's website. Click 'launch related site' below to order a copy!

08.Apr.11'What's It Gonna Be?' to be released May 23rd

The long-awaited album from my latest group 'The Quentin Collins/Brandon Allen Quartet' will be released on May 23rd in all good stores/online outlets.

Advance copies can be purchased by contacting me here!

28.Mar.114 gigs in 2 days!

The Quentin Collins/Brandon Allen Quartet celebrate the imminent release of their debut CD with 4 gigs in 2 days, at 2 great central London Venue's.

6.30pm-7.30pm at Ray's Jazz Cafe, free admission. 11pm-3.00am at Ronnie Scott's. All details on the above link.

15.Oct.10The Late Set welcomes Tony Remy

Guitar great Tony Remy is this weeks guest at The Late Set. One of the UK's greatest ever guitarist in many styles, expect blues/funk/jazz grooves of the highest order with the regular house band of Quentin, Brandon, Ross & Enzo. More details under gigs section

10.Oct.10The Late Set welcomes Ray Gelato

This coming friday we are delighted to welcome as our special guest performer the Godfather of UK swing, Ray Gelato. If you haven't seen/heard Ray perform then now is a rare chance to see him in an intimate setting- he's got a great Louis Prima-styled voice & plays some mean honking tenor sax so expect some tough-tenor battles between him & Brandon Allen! We welcome back the great Enzo Zirilli on drums for the house band, as well as Ross Stanley on organ, Quentin Collins & Brandon.

Should be a great night, get your tickets here- http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/user?query=search®ion=xxx&category=misc&search=ray+gelato&x=0&y=0

See you down there!

05.Oct.10Nice review of last friday's 'Late Set' gig

Here is a very nice review of last friday's gig featuring Paloma Faith


01.Oct.10The Late Set welcolmes Paloma Faith

we're very happy to have wonderful singer Paloma Faith guesting this week at the Late Set. All details in my gigs section

13.Sep.10The Late Set welcomes UK alto sax great Nigel Hitchcock this friday 17th september.

We're very excited to be playing this friday with Nigel Hitchcock at Last Days Of Decadence.

The full line-up will be: Quentin Collins- trumpet; Brandon Allen- tenor sax; Grant Windsor- organ; Enzo Zirilli- drums + special guest Nigel Hitchcock- alto sax.

The material will range from some specially arranged versions of the quartets tunes + some jazz classics.

The usual two sets of music will begin at 21.30 with a house band set of original music & then the late set with Nigel will start around 23.00.

See www.thelateset.com or the gigs section for more info.

13.Sep.10Quentin Collins Trio playing the Douro Jazz Festival

I'll be leading a trio featuring Chris Allard on guitar & Adam King on double bass in the 2010 Douro International Jazz Festival where we'll play 4 concerts. The material will be a mixture of original compositions & standards.

21.Aug.10'The Late Set' every friday @ Last Days Of Decadence

'The Quentin Collins/Brandon Allen Quartet' have been the house band for a new friday residency at Shoreditch's hippest club 'The Last Days Of Decadence' for the past 3 months.

The band is: Ross Stanley- organ; Enzo Zirilli- drums; Brandon Allen- tenor sax; Quentin Collins- trumpet/flugelhorn

Each week we introduce a new guest artist to perform a one-off set of music with the quartet. So far we have been blessed by the presence of amongst others, Natalie Williams, Liane Carroll, Gwyneth Herbert, Noel McKoy & Cleveland Watkiss. Over the coming weeks we shall be welcolming the likes of the great Omar (3rd september), Nigel Hitchcock (17th september), Ray Gelato (8th october), Tony Remy (15th october) & Lizzy Parks (29th october).

The quartet play an opening set of their own compositions at 9.30pm, including material from their soon to be released album (SunlightSquare records), with 'The Late Set' starting at 11pm.

Check www.thelateset.com for more details or facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=110688475641513

03.Nov.08Transatlantic Collective release debut album & tour UK

The Transatlantic Collective have just released their debut album "Traveling Song" on Woodville Records. It is available in all major record shops, online on Itunes or from the band website. They'll be on tour throughout november, Quentin will be joining them for the majority of dates, see the "gigs" section.

19.Dec.07"If Not Now, Then When" voted 5th best jazz album of year in MOJO magazine

Quentin's debut album "If Not Now, Then When" was voted 5th best Jazz Album of 2007 in the january 2008 edition of MOJO magazine

12.Dec.07Quentin tours & records with The Transatlantic Collective

Quentin has just completed a UK & europe-wide tour with up-and -coming contemporary jazz outfit the Transatlantic Collective. This culminated in a live album recording @ the Vortex, a prestigious London Jazz club. The music is serious minded originals that look to the future whilst always keeping one foot planted in the tradition..Look out for a mid-2008 release of the record on Sunlightsquare Records. Also check check out their website..

19.Mar.07Q’s “If Not Now Then When?”

Quentin's album is out today!
Find it in all major retailers on the high street and online!
The will be featured on the jazz displays @ HMV stores nationwide.
Also available @ Ray's jazz @ Foyles bookshop, 113-119 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0EB where Quentin will perform tracks from the album on the day @ 6-6.30p.m.

01.Mar.07Quentin Collins album release party @ the Spitz

Quentin's exceptional album is out on the 19th March!
join us for the, 'If Not Now, Then when' release party at Spitz on the 22nd March. From 8p.m. £9/7
The address is 109 Commercial St. Old Spitalfields Market. LONDON. E1 6BG
See you all there!